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Do you want to organize a project? Marcia specializes in organizing individuals who are experiencing life transitions such as job or home change, or beginnings and endings.

Ask me about additional resources (people and products) I can recommend to get your organizing job done.

Professional organizing services also enhance and supplement Personal Assistants and clerical staff.

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The Rewards of Organizing

This story is true but the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the innocent.

Given a choice, would you choose freedom or burden? Pierre chose to fly like a kite, free from the burdens of his “stuff.”

Pierre is 60 years old. For decades, he ran a successful business and was the family member in charge of multiple generations’ history. Can you imagine the collection of papers and artifacts that accumulated in his home, office and multiple costly storage rooms?

Each storage room cost Pierre $4,800 each year. The thought of facing the contents of the room was stressful, causing daily anxiety. He was determined to simplify his life but overwhelming feelings influenced his procrastination. Finally, with lots of caring, non-judgmental support and the dedication of 5 hours organizing with me to sort through and make decisions, here are the results:

  • Emptied one storage room.
  • Found forgotten items to be used today.
  • Enjoyed various memories.
  • Connected and shared with assorted family members interested in artifacts.
  • Employed a shredding company to shred 25 boxes of old tax info and dated material.
  • Made charitable donations of supplies, electronics and furniture to a local children’s after school center.
  • Added tax deductions for donated items.
  • Received help from an intern in exchange for a well-deserved college recommendation.
  • Saved $4,800 per year on storage bills.

Pierre is now relieved of much stress and anxiety, feeling lighter, happier and energized. He is now ready to organize a project.

As you can see, simplifying and organizing is not only freeing, it’s giving, sharing, connecting, and empowering; in addition, it’s making others happy and successful. It’s also cathartic, emotional and strengthens relationships. The costs of storing “stuff” are more than monetary. They can take their toll on our emotions and relationships.

Pierre chose to take the time to reduce his burden and feel the freedom. Can he tackle another storage room and gain more freedom and joy from the burden of excess? I think he knows he can.

Now that you know what is possible, think about your “storage costs”. Is it overwhelming? Now, count to 10, and recapture your senses from the burden of your own overwhelmed accumulations. Can you tackle your stuff, and rejoice in the same accomplishments that Pierre achieved? The rewards of organizing and de-cluttering are beyond monetary.

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