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Under Control Professional Organizing

Marcia Sloman, Professional Organizer in Westchester County since 1992,
is a member of the
National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals since 1993.

Marcia is sensitive to the changes that occur in your life. Sometimes those changes cause chaos in your environment, and support is needed to piece it back together.

Marcia specializes in the management of “stuff” – paper, collections, time, and priorities – and in maximizing and managing limited spaces.

Marcia’s clients include individuals
during and after times of life’s transitions, personal/professional shifts and those coping with the avalanche of tasks and stuff. They are business owners and professionals, students, artists, creatives, retirees, right-sizers and busy parents.

Under Control’s mission is to ease the burden that our possessions place on us when they become out of control.
The goal is to help you save time, money and energy and
help you find happiness in your space.

Marcia, an empathic organizer, is known for transforming her clients’ spaces from “out of control” to Under Control. 

Who Benefits from Working with a Professional Organizer?

Certainly, the very disorganized.
A learning disability, dyslexia, disphasia, ADD or ADHD can inhibit one’s ability to focus, to make decisions, or to envision “organization.”

Consider the situationally disorganized – having a change in life status.
After a birth, death, move, job change, change in marital status, home remodel or redecoration…any life transition can cause short-term disorganization to even the most organized individual. The need to get back on track can feel daunting.

Even, the moderately disorganized.
If you find yourself spending time looking for things you use often, your “systems” may need better organization, or “tweaking” by an experienced professional.

A brief consultation with a professional organizer can put you on a path toward a more “productive” you, and give you more confidence with peace of mind.

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