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  • Why You Can’t Get Organized: When Organization is a Phobia

    Is it “can’t” or “won’t” when it comes to summarizing the reasons people fail to organize their stuff? And does it apply to you? “Can’t” implies inability. “Won’t” is the lack of initiative or desire. The five main reasons fall into BOTH camps: Can’t AND Won’t. CAN’T – Don’t know how Mindy (fictitious name) tells…

  • Why People Hold Onto Stuff

    “Y is a crooked letter.” This was my grandfather’s standard response to the basic question of childhood “Why, Grandpa?”.  My interpretation of that expression is that the answer is complicated.  And, when it comes to human behavior,  it almost always is. Why do people hold onto stuff? The answer is complicated because there are so…

  • Why You Can’t Get Organized

    Do you find yourself struggling to organize your things? You’re not alone. Read my article on Dr. Mark Banschick’s blog in Psychology Today. I know it’s overwhelming. But, you can do it.

  • Organizing a Closet

    Do you have a closet that looks like this? Or worse? Could you find what you needed in this closet? Scroll down to see the results of a few hours of professional organizing help.             E-mail Marcia to get your closets in order.