Time to De-Clutter

There’s never enough time! Our lives are so full as we attend to day-to-day chores and activities. There never seems to be enough time to decorate, renovate, start or complete special projects. Can you de-clutter or organize all the stuff around your house? In order to set aside some time to accomplish these important things, we need to become aware of how we spend our time. If we are able to eliminate the “time wasters”, we can set goals, prioritize, and begin those often put off projects. Become skilled at estimating how long it takes to accomplish a task. Set a stopwatch to learn how long a task takes. Eliminate distractions. Do you want to plan your next project to de-clutter the garage in order to fit the car inside before the winter comes? Examine your garage space and decide the purposes for which it should be used. Visualize the car inside the garage. Sort the contents into Trash, Recycle, Sell, Give Away and Donate. Follow through by distributing those items to appropriate places. Store the rest on shelves, hooks, bins, and use other easy-to-organize products.