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What’s Your Style? Setting Up Organizing Systems.

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Organizing systems for every organizing style


“I put it somewhere.”  But, can you find it?

Finding It

Are you setting up organizing systems for piles of papers, collections, or supplies?  Some may suggest that cookie cutter systems suffice, but not everyone thinks the same. To be successful at finding “it” in the future depends on several factors. There’s a better chance that you’ll find “it” when you need it, if you consider your style of organization.

Store Inside or Display

Organizing styles vary.  Creative people think differently than linear thinkers.  There’s not a better way. It’s your way.  For instance, are you an In‑ie (order based on systems placed inside drawers or cabinets) or an Out‑ie (order based on visually displayed systems)? The In-ies: there are drawers, cabinets, binders and boxes. The Out-ies: there are other options such as vertical spaces, clear wall files, cubbies, and hooks.

Keywords and Categories for Organizing Systems

When you’re setting up organizing systems, consider a keywords or categories. That’s where you’ll find it. If an item is related to hiking, do you store it with your hiking gear or other outdoor related items? Where will YOU think to find it? 

Where do you store your Insurance Policy…in an alphabetical file with other Insurance Policies, or specifically with your Home, Auto (Car), Business, or Medical information? Remember, there’s no RIGHT WAY, it is stored where YOU will think to look for it.

There are so many factors to your personality to consider when setting up an organizing system in your home or office.  Labels and color coding can enhance your system. Discuss your preference with an organizing professional.

You can transform your out‑of‑control spaces to Under Control after discovering your personal style of organizing.