Services: Working with you, on-site or from afar

For Virtual (from afar) Customers:

  • You provide visual images of your space with dimensions.
  • We provide instruction, motivation, ideas, exchanges, discuss products via e-mail, phone, or Skype.
  • We co-manage cloud-based files.
  • You share your organizing goals and we meet periodically by Skype or phone to review your progress.
  • We help you create a realistic timeline to achieve your goals.

For Individuals In Times of Life’s Transitions:

  • We discuss strategy with a thoughtful approach to sorting out belongings and creating a time frame to accomplish your goal.
  • Side by side, we work together, deciding and distributing items you will keep or remove (donate, sell, give away).

For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

  • Set up, inventory and manage simple “systems” (paper/electronic) for today’s and yesterday’s information
  • Maintain supplies and storage
  • Space planning for a growing or right-sizing business

For Homeowners:

  • Budget future costs: collect, categorize and summarize all capital and maintenance expenses
  • Determine the “real” cost of your property

For Busy Moms:

  • Set up and maintain your “home central” to manage your family’s activities
  • Allocate places for toys, school supplies, homework, sporting equipment, pet supplies and memorabilia
  • Take charge of mud rooms, playrooms, kid’s rooms, closets

For Downsizers:

  • De-cluttering and simplifying to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in
  • Help the homeowner with the decision to donate, sell, or recycle possessions

For Artists / Creative Professionals:

  • Devise solutions as creative as you are: customize access to paper, supplies, materials and finished works

For Baby Boomers:

  • Prepare for a lifestyle change: whether you are planning to move, become a caregiver, transition to a different career, or set up space for a multi-generation household

For Empty Nesters:

  • Convert a child’s room to an art studio, craft center, guest room or home office

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